Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Swingset in the Making...Part 3

After the steps and the swing arm, Jon started the roof. This was the 3rd of January!! It was a cool day, but Jon got a LOT done!

It went from daytime to dark...still working:
The rest of us were cool, but Jon was sweating!! Taking a breather:

Time to roof:
Here's Jordan helping out by handing Daddy nails:
Sweet girl:
Before we go in for the night we need to clean up the mess we made today. The kids work together to carry a board around front:
By now, there's not a whole lot left to do!!!


jenna said...

This is so exciting! It is so cool for the kids to be able to see their dad taking such time and energy to build something so fun for them!! I think this is just so cool!

Jamey said...

I think it's neat that it's a family project! What great helpers Jon has.