Friday, March 27, 2009

Un poquito de este, un poquito de ese

1. I don't know how we accidentally got an episode of WonderPets! on our DVR, but my kids LOVE that show. And I don't. Annoying!

2. Two mornings this week I have set my alarm for very early to get up and go to the gym. Two mornings this week I woke up and contemplated. Two mornings I decided I'd rather take my chances and sleep til the kids woke up. One morning they slept til 8. The other they slept til 8:45. Somehow better than the gym!

3. Our federal income tax money was deposited in our bank this morning. For the first time in weeks, I actually took a deep breath in a good way when I looked at our bank account! In less than a week it will be applied to bills and gone, but for today, that number sure looks nice!

4. This week the kids and I have met up with an assortment of friends that I don't always get to hang out with. I love getting to get to visit with people I don't know very well--so fun! And my kids love playing with other kids!

5. Much the same as everyone else who blogs has not been able to something with the refrain of "I am loving SPRING"...well, I pretty much am loving spring!!! We have been outside a lot--going to parks and playing in our yard. Last night we took the kids in the wagon and went for a walk after dinner. LOVE that!!!

6. I just want to say that since last Thursday my dishes have not built up once and my laundry is pretty much caught up! That is remarkable in this house! Next week this wonderful record may crash and burn, but for now it's definitely a record for me! :)

7. Jordan has woken up dry in the morning 4 mornings this week. I hesitate to post this, because posting things like this to the public tends to cause them to stop in our house! Anyways...she has been wearing panties for almost 3 weeks in the daytime and during naptime, but just hasn't been able to make it through the night so I still put diapers on her. I'm wondering, though, if diapers are about to be unnecessary in our house soon---for the first time in over 4 years???

8. Jon and I are planning on going to Honduras in June with Mayfair's trip. We are both very excited about going, but I'm a little bit nervous!!! It has been so long since I've used my Spanish! I hate it when people bust out the "Stacy speaks Spanish", because that sets up such an expectation of fluency and comprehension...really, I hope it all does come back to me! I have gotten out my old text books and song books and have enjoyed singing some of my old Spanish favorites... Turns my emotion right back to excited!!!!

9. Our azaleas are smothered in blooms. In days my backyard will experience an EXPLOSION of spring color, and I'm excited for that too!!!

10. I'm ready for the weekend and for Jon to be home for a couple days! After him being gone all last weekend and back to work this week we are needing to have some "Daddy" time around here!!!

I hope you all have a great weekend too!!

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