Monday, March 9, 2009

Swingset in the Making...Part 2

After all the work in July, the swingset sat alone all through the Fall. The slide was unattached, because there was no way to get up to it. Christmas Day was beautiful outside so we played in the yard for a while. Lawson wanted to slide, so Jon lifted him up to the deck so he could have a few turns sliding. I think the beautiful weather and a few days off work ignited the fire to get this puppy done! :)
The 27th of December Jon put up the railing on the sides of the deck and started building the steps that would go up to the platform:

Then he put the saftey bar across the front, the handle, and began to attach the rope swing (off to the left):
Then he began to plan out the swing arm:
Getting closer!!! So exciting! :)

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Jamey said...

Looks good!!!!