Friday, March 13, 2009

Snow in Oklahoma

At the end of January the kids and I went to Oklahoma to stay a while with Jon's parents. My camera was not working at this time, but I used Jon's parents' camera to get a few shots of the kids with their cousin, Maddison.

One day there was an ice storm (the one that was much more severe in many other areas tahn it was where we were at) pretty much all day. Later, a little bit of snow came down. The next day the kids went to play for a few minutes in what was left of the snow after the sun had come out.Maddie making a snow angel:

Lawson making a snow angel:
Jordan made one too, but I didn't get a shot in time...Here's the angel, though:
I took the kids tricycles in case it was nice and they could have bikes to ride outside. Turns out it was cold all week, but they all rode their bikes inside every night!!! They had so much fun riding around Nana and Papa's house!
This is the night before we were leaving to go home. Maddison was getting ready to go to her house and after good-bye hugs the kids started getting super silly!!!! I'm glad my kids got to play with their cousin!!

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