Monday, March 30, 2009

Sock it to me!

I have always had an issue with socks...

*I need my socks to be tight around my feet. I don't like any excess bulk floating around.
*I must have the seam at the toes STRAIGHT across the very tips of my toes. If for some reason one gets crooked I stop whatever I'm doing, take my shoe off and straighten it.
*I can't have socks that are too big because I don't like for the heel to be higher up than my own, or sticking out of the shoe.
*I don't like to walk around in socks. I must either be barefoot or have socks and shoes.

My mom says that I have always been like this. When I was very young I was always very particular about how my socks were put on, and she never understood because she is sock-ridiculous. It's nothing to see her walking around the house in socks that have worked their way upside down and the dirty heel/sole is on the TOP of her feet.....sheeesh...makes me shudder just thinking about it!

Anyways...I fear that my kids have partly inherited my sock issues. Lawson likes to dress himself, but melts down if he tries a couple times to get his socks on and can't get the bottom on the bottom. He must have his socks straight.

And Jordan...oh, Jordan! Dear child will not go to sleep without socks on. I suspect this is how it started: Her bedspread got a small tear in it a while back, and some of the batting came out. One night, she woke up screaming and I couldn't make out what she was saying. I finally figured out that she wanted socks on..."so the bugs wouldn't get my toes." I couldn't understand, but as soon as I put socks on she laid back down and went right to sleep. I can only assume the batting tickled her toes a little and she thought it was bugs. And now, we must have socks. A few times Jon has put her down for the night, and 20 minutes later we faintly hear her crying up in her room...It never fails--if I ask Jon about her socks he sighs, shakes his head and heads back up the stairs. Within 3 minutes all is quiet.

So, in addition to finding clean jammies for her I also have to find her socks. And she's getting pickier about them. Many of you know I'm laundry deficient. Some parts of the month what I need is easily found in the proper drawer in her dresser. Other parts of the month it's a struggle just to find any two clean socks!!! But Miss Jordan complains...."Those aren't the same!" "Those are boy socks!" Things which apparently matter to a two-year-old...even if you're just going to sleep in them!!!

Jon doesn't get it at all. He thinks it's ridiculous. I tell him they get it honest and he's just gonna have to learn to live with it.

At least I completely understand...

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