Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fresh Faith

I have been reading a book called Fresh Faith by Jim Cymbala. I have enjoyed the book--it's easy to read, it has refreshing insights and fascinating personal stories about people in his church.

I wanted to post something I read this morning...I thought it was interesting:

Faith can be likened to a transistor radio. When you turn the radio on, music pours out. Are there any trumpets or guitars inside that little box? Of course not. Yet the room has sound waves all through it. The human senses can't detect them at all. But the radio can pick them up. The music is coming through the radio from a greater unseen source.

So it is with faith. Faith does not originate within us. It comes from God as we receive his living Word into our hearts. Then a supernatural kind of "music" comes alive in us as the product of this faith. A person filled with faith has an entirely different view of thing from ther person living merely by the physical senses.

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James and Dana said...

That gave me chills Stacy!! Maybe its the preggo hormones coming out..making me want to cry about that beautiful idea but I am glad you blogged about it. Thank you for sharing!! Love you girl!! ;)