Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lawson's new ride...

Lawson at 9 months

Lawson at 3 (couldn't find one at 2)

Lawson at almost 4 1/2

This weekend we bought Lawson his first big boy bike!! I cannot believe that my little boy is getting so big! He has been riding his tricycle for about two and a half years, but now his knees almost hit the handlebars, so we decided it was time to take the leap!

This afternoon the rain took a 3 hour break, so we went on a family ride. I rode my new bike (yippee!!!), Jon rode his bike w/Jordan in the attachable seat, and Lawson rode his bike. We rode to our neighborhood park, around the walking track about 5 times, through some massive puddles, then back home! Lawson rode the whole way by himself without complaining or stopping. I was so impressed!

His first wipe-out was at the bottom of a small hill. He didn't know how to slow down and lean into the turn so he ran into the grass then flipped over the handle bars. He held on throughout the crash, flipping over the handle bars, doing a somersault and ended up sitting and looking up at us saying, "DID YOU SEE THAT?!?" He didn't even cry!

He is so proud of his new bike! I can't believe he did so great on his first ride. And as if we had cued it just right, the rain started up again right as we turned back onto our street! For a treat after our ride Daddy took the kids to Sonic for a yummy slush!

Hopefully this is something that we will be able to do a lot of as a family!


Joy said...

Awwww...he looks so big. Fun Times!

jenna said...

Wow!!! That is awesome. And so now I guess I know what my next outing with the Stacy family should be! Bike Ride!!! :) I'll bring mine!

Sunny said...

Lawson looks so proud of his big bike! I know that he will have so much fun riding. Now, if only this rain will ever go away!

Jamey said...

He does look so proud! Love that first picture on his little rider.


He's getting to be so big! I love his new bike. Ya'll will have some fun times as a family on your bike rides. I remember doing that growing up with my family. Lawson looks so proud. :)