Thursday, May 14, 2009

Uncle Eric

This past weekend my dad, his girlfriend and my brother came to visit! We had all met in Nashville for Lipscomb's graduation--my cousin graduated--then they came down to visit! I was so excited that Eric was going to come down to Hsv, because he's not ever been here!! I really enjoyed visiting with all of them, but was so proud that my brother was here. We spent some time visiting, then Jon and I drove them around and showed them some of the city. The Space and Rocket Center was closed, but we enjoyed seeing the outdoor things. I love the above pic of my dad and brother by the big rocket.
I also love this picture of Eric and Jordan feeding the fish and ducks at Big Spring Park.
Here's Uncle Eric with Lawson and Jordan.
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Jamey said...

I don't know why I keep forgetting you have a brother. That's bad of me. Looks like the kiddos enjoyed Uncle Eric! Glad your dad came to visit too!