Thursday, May 21, 2009

Not quite ready

This morning Jordan came to get me up at about 7:45. No matter the time, I tend to be pretty hard to wake up! I sent her to potty, then I started to slowly get up, get dressed and brush my teeth. Jordan was noisy and fussy--she's usually pretty happy when she gets up. I was a little irritated, because she didn't want to walk down the stairs by herself. I don't carry her down, and she just started crying loudly. At this point I was just worried she would wake Lawson up this early. I told her if she didn't calm down I was going to send her to her room until she could, because she would wake up Lawson. She just kept on whining, so I carried her to her bed. She just kept crying...I eventually just came downstairs wondering what I should do since I am NEVER awake before any kids!! About 20 minutes later Lawson came down and I realized it was quiet upstairs. I tiptoed back up, and this is what I saw--her laying on the floor, across the doorway of her room, sound asleep!! Of course I had to run and get my camera....I guess she wasn't as ready to get up as she thought!!!
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