Thursday, May 28, 2009

Monday, MDW2009-Pt3

Monday was Memorial Day, our 7th anniversary and the day after this. We had no idea what was going to become of our van--we figured it was trash since we thought the trans had blown and we were not going to put a third, yes third, transmission in it. I was so glad that it was a holiday and Jon was home to spend it with us...especially after going away for the weekend it really made it seem like the longest weekend ever. It was great having him home. We decided to drive around and look through some used car lots to see if we could find a good deal on a new used van. Lawson was so sweet while we were driving around and looking. He just kept telling me that he wanted to buy me a new car. He was just so worried that my car didn't work anymore!

After getting a late start out the door we went through a couple lots then Jon told me we could go to Wal-Mart and get a new vacuum. This made me so excited!! The poor old vacuum we have was a wedding gift and has been put through torture!! We have moved 7 times. We have done moderate to extensive work on 2 homes. It has vacuumed up everything you could think of. It is ready to be put to rest!!! This picture doesn't even do justice for the old beat up worker:
Well, it was just a regular old vac from WM back then, so
seven years later we decided to see what they had for us again. I teased Jon that I didn't realize that in the list of anniversary gifts, like paper, cotton, leather, etc, that #7 was 'vacuum'! Anyways, I'm just grateful to now have a machine that sucks stuff off the floor again instead of just noisily rolling over it over and over again!! (I also must admit that I secretly love that it's purple!!)
We came home and the kids played while Jon looked at the van. Then we went to eat yummy dinner at Logan's. It was fun to have the whole family there. Not romantic...but fun!

The day really was just so relaxing and enjoyable. I was so thrilled that Jon was home all day. We had a great weekend and just loved getting to get away and really enjoy each other's company. We are definitely in a different place in life than we were 7 years ago...and Monday only pointed that out to me...we spent the day looking for a van we couldn't afford to replace the old van that was broken down, with our 2 kids. Not quite the same as the 2 college students we were in 2002--but in a way still so very much the same.

We've been through a lot in our seven years...and every time we make it over a rough spot my favorite time is when we are able to reconnect and reconfirm our commitment to each other and to our family. Happy Anniversary, my's to 70 more! :)


Jamey said...

So sweet! Sorry for the van ordeal, but you did get to spend all that time with each other.

And in your text all you said was, "Thanks! We went out to eat with the kids...." Glad I got to hear the real story on your blog!

Trey and Bri Maharrey said...

Happy late anniversary ;0 So sorry about all the stuff with the van. I really hope something works out with all of that. I loved the other posts before this one too. Looks like you guys went all out and had some really great family time recently. The kids are so grown up looking now...sigh...but what a fun stage you guys are at.

Kathy said...

So sweet. I tell you what, a trip, a vacuum, and Logan' is good! (minus the broken van, of course) 7 years, it is hard to believe, isn't it? Our 7th year is coming up very quickly too! I miss my Harding days, but love my life today!