Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas Day 2008

I knew that this year Christmas was going to be very fun! Both kids were very aware that it was almost here and that Santa was coming and they were very excited! It took Lawson forever to fall asleep the night before, and (unusually) he was the first one awake. He talked Jon and me into getting up, and we had to go wake Jordan up so they could go down at the same time. Ignore that her sign is crooked--they jump on the bed all the time and sometimes knock it--it's a futile attempt to keep it straight!

Jordan headed straight for the dishes that Santa left her. At our house Santa usually only leaves one thing, but their 'big' thing was scooters and I wasn't sure they'd be able to do them right away. Santa added a couple smaller things for more instant gratification! Lawson's 'equivalent' to these dishes was a Play-doh tools barrel-which of course we played with about 4 separate times that day!

I didn't think they would pick right up on the scooters, but Lawson did! He's a little slow, but I'm sure by summer he'll be zipping around everywhere! Jordan is a little more unsure of herself, but she thinks it's fun!

Lawson barging in and 'showing' Jordan her new computer from Grandad. Jordan loves this toy!
I love that Daddies always get to put together the complicated things!!! Nana and Papa sent Lawson this flying remote control airplane!

Looking for squirrels with his new binoculars! Lawson also got camo pants and bullets for his gun. Jon's planning on taking him squirrel hunting one day soon!!!

Lawson is very into dinosaurs right now. He got some for his birthday, and kept telling people that Santa was bringing him more! He got a couple more from Nana and Papa, and as soon as he got them out of his gift box, he ran upstairs and got all his other ones and started playing.

Opening her gift box from Nana and Papa.

Walkie Talkies from Grandad
Working on a dinosaur floor puzzle

I think Christmas EXPLODED in my living room!!!!

Christmas Day was acutally one of the warmest, prettiest days we have had in a couple months here, so we got dressed and went outside for a while before naptime. Jon helped Lawson learn how to coordinate himself on the scooter, then of course we went out back to jump!! I got a couple good action shots of the kids in the air!

Anytime Jordan can get someone to push her in a swing, she'd sit there all day without ever getting up! She LOVES to swing!

Better late than never, right? I hope your family enjoyed Christmas as much as ours did!

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