Friday, January 9, 2009

We interrupt this December update to bring you this special message...

OH MY GOODNESS!! If you want to know what I started doing this weekend, then BOY oh Boy, am I gonna tell you!!!

I discovered how to make Frappuccinos AT Home for less than 50cents a cup--as opposed to that plus $4 at a particular shop whose logo is roundish and adorned with green and a funny looking woman.

I searched a couple websites and found some that were interesting....This one is pretty close to the one I chose to make--mostly because this is where I learned that to make it taste like Starbucks you have to TRIPLE the strength of your coffee!!!

I didn't quite triple the strength, but almost! I started by putting 12 scoops of coffee in the filter for 32 ounces of water. (I was a little worried about wasting it, but learned that if you run 32 ounces through that much coffee once you get VERY strong coffee; then if you run it through again you get 'exactly right' coffee! Jon drank that.)

Next I mixed an equal amount of milk for my coffee (32 in my case) and put it in a pitcher in the fridge. After it was cold I measured out in my Magic Bullet cup 1 cup of coffee mixture, 2 cups of ice, 3 Tablespoons (I didn't measure, just did 3 squirts) of caramel (or chocolate) syrup and 3 Tbls of sugar. Let the Bullet (or your blender) do it's magic til there aren't any big pieces of ice left, put some whipped cream on top, and get a straw.

Yummo!!!! My kids love this as much as I do--Jon's afraid that they're gonna grow up Frapp addicts before they even have a chance to know better!!!

Keeping it in the pitcher means it's cold and ready, and I only have to make the mixture every few days! And if you haven't switched over to the Magic Bullet, ask me about it because it is AWESOME! I use it (even before these Frapps) almost every day in the kitchen.

Anyways...enjoy, if you enjoy this kind of thing!!! Happy blending!

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THE MORROW FAMILY said... beats spending a fortune at Starbucks. :) I'll have to try it. I like the caramel ones.