Thursday, January 22, 2009

Little Hops and Mountains

The last couple weeks have been a little bit stressful. Between planning a trip for this weekend, washing all (and I do mean all) of our laundry, trying to keep the house straight, having errands to run, a couple dr appointments, having some company, and going through the ups and downs of 30, I have felt tired and strained.

Sometimes this happens to me--I let all of my little things pile up until all my eyes see is a huge, insurmountable mountain in front of me. If I would look at each item as a single item, it would merely be a few little hops along my path, but instead I only see an Everest I can't get past. I haven't really had to face a true mountain in my life yet, I don't think.

Then I am so subtlely prescribed a fresh dose of perspective. God knows when to put encouragement in my path that causes me to wake up and just see my life as many little hops instead of a single mountain. I am also brought to realize that when I get so overwhelmed it's because my list starts to only contain the problems, and the blessings somehow get dropped out. When I put the blessings back in, they always far outnumber the pains.

Today I learned of a family that truly is facing a mountain. Through a couple blogs, I was led to and read about the King family. They welcomed 25-week quads into their lives on Dec 30. At this point 3 of the babies are doing relatively well, but their sweet son Preston is in kidney failure and is in desperate need of prayers for healing.

I know I don't have a huge following, but for those of you who check in I'm sure the King family would appreciate if you talked to the Father on behalf of their baby boy.


Sunny said...

My heart is so broken for this family. It seems like there are so many families dealing with things that they should never have to face. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Joy said...

I said a prayer for this family & said a little prayer for you too. Stories like this always remind that the only thing that really matters is my family. My kids are healthy & that is ALL that matters! The lists really don't matter, if an errand doesn't get run or if the kids have to wear dirty underwear-it just really doesn't matter. I appreciate your honesty & definitely know how you feel!

Bethany said...

I hate it that it takes such a sad story like the King's baby boy to remind me of ALL that GOd is blessing me with. I don't HAVE to have healthy kids...two of them! But I do. Thank you, God. And thank you Stacy for reminding us that our cup overflows!