Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Eve 2008

On Christmas Eve, we went out to eat Chinese, and then went to drive through the Galaxy of Lights. We hadn't gone yet this year, and the kids would scream in excitement when we'd drive by a house that was even poorly decorated with one little strand of lights. We really had a lot of fun eating a yummy (and low-work) meal then driving through the not-crowded Galaxy. The kids loved it.

When we got home, my mom, Babo, helped the kids make cookies for Santa.

I know, I know, salmonella or E coli or whatever...but isn't licking the beater part of cooking???
While my mom was helping the kids bake, I walked up and gave Jordan a hug. She's gotten into patting her hands on your back while hugging, and Jon took this picture to show me that J had 'left her mark'!!
After the cookies were done and cooling, we decided to let the (very anxious and excited) kids open one present from each grandparent that night. They had so much fun tearing the paper off and playing with the bows!!!
Lawson got a fishing pole last year from Nana and Papa...this year was Jordan's turn.
Opening their Spiderman and Tinkerbell dresses from Babo.
Lawson's bulldozer from Grandad.
After a long day, it was finally time to get ready for Santa. They kids both chose cookies for Santa and Lawson poured the milk. Jon tried to convince the kids that Santa would rather have Krytals and Coke instead, but they didn't believe him!!!
Ooh! What's that? Was that the sound of hooves on the roof? Or bells? Or a Ho Ho Ho??? Don't worry, Santa--We're ready for you!!!
It was very funny when we set the 'goods' down on the table, Jordan grabbed one and stuffed it in her mouth and ran!!! Maybe she thought we had left just a little too much for St. Nick to finish on his own!!!
So of course Lawson thought, "If she's getting one, then I am too!!" So he grabbed one!

That's a wrap on Christmas Eve...Coming soon to a blog near you--Belated Christmas!!


Jamey said...

Thanks for the glimpse into a fun Christmas Eve.

Chinese food...mmmm, yummy! I want some right now!

Sunny said...

That's hilarious that Jordan grabbed a cookie! I'm glad that you all had a great Christmas Eve.