Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lawson's 4th Bday Party

We had Lawson's 4th birthday party at the church gym last month after we got home from the beach trip. His theme was Spiderman, and I had full intentions of making and frosting an AWESOME cake for him! I was gonna ice out a Spiderman body with his arm extended shooting web....but ran short of frosting, had to make a late-night run to Walmart, and it took over an hour since it was only 5 days before Christmas!!! What he ended up getting was a pretty generic (but homemade) cake! I'm such a cheater for putting a toy on it instead of decorating it! :)

Jon's parents rented a bouncer for the party! The kids had so much fun! I tried to find a Spiderman one, and the only one was ridiculously expensive...but no big deal because Lawson LOVED this dinosaur one!!!

Several of Lawson's friends came to enjoy some lunch and birthday party fun!

Jordan was being cheesy with an apple slice...

The boys sizing up the pinata...they really had a lot of fun with this! I put the goody bags inside so everyone would have something to grab.

After the pinata, everyone went back in for more bouncer fun. I think Jon had as much fun as the kids!!! They sure had fun climbing all over him!

The most important thing--the birthday boy had a great time at his party!! We are thankful for our family and friends who all make our special days so special!!!


Sunny said...

What fun! I think that your cake looks really good and I'm sure that Lawson LOVED it! That bouncer is HUGE!!! It looks like you all had a great and fun party. I'm sorry that we had to miss it. We had our trip to Charleston for the wedding on our calendar for a long time prior!

Anonymous said...

That cake is AWESOME!! It looks very professional! I can't believe Lawson is 4!!!

Jamey said...

What a great party!!! Glad everyone had fun.