Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Orange Beach, December 2008, Part Three

Friday we went over to Pensacola to see Aunt Brenda and Scott's boat. They have been preparing in over the last several months so that they can sail all over the world! Isn't that so exciting!? Anyways, while we were over there, they took us to a fish market they love called Joe Patti's. The kids loved seeing the crabs and lobsters and such...but I am thoroughly disgusted by seafood. As soon as I walked in and got one whif of the air inside, I turned right back around and waited in the parking lot til they were all done.
While I was waiting, I looked around. It was really a neat place. It was right on the water, and I guess they caught all their seafood fresh daily. (If I had been inside, there probably would have been a sign telling me that. Since I was outside, I had to deduce it myself and make an educated guess!!!) These boats parked right next to the store are what told me they went out to catch their merchandise!

Pelicans (I think) were flying around everywhere.

A couple landed in the water right in front of where I was standing on the dock.

In Michigan, where I'm from, we have lakes. And seagulls. They are nasty and dirty and they come up to anyone or anything to get a bite of any kind of food. That is my impression of these birds. It walked right up to me and stood there, waiting for me to give it something. Are these the seagulls of the gulf? Hmmm...

When we got back to the condo, Aunt Lucy started to cook the fish that they had bought for dinner. Jon and I took the kids out to the sand again to play while dinner was being prepared. It was sunny and beautiful, but pretty darn chilly!!! No one was on the beach except for us! I think if we ever go when it's actually busy, I'll be upset b/c now my expectation is to have the place to ourselves!
Sorry for so many landscape pics--maybe for you 'beach veterans' they get old...but I don't think my eyes will ever get tired of a great shot of God's awesome creation! Truly, it's amazing!
Earlier that afternoon, Jon's Aunt Celeste flew in to spend a couple days with us.

Lucy and Great Grandma in the kitchen...

The only good shot I got of Aunt Brenda and her fiance, Scott. They just got married last week! Congratulations!

Family dinner around the table! Everyone except Jon, Scott and I are visible in this picture.

Saturday, Nana and Papa caught some kind of bug that made them feel yucky. We didn't do much more than sit around and visit, since it was our last day there! When we laid the kids down for their nap, Jon and I got to go out for a walk on the beach together--It was so nice! It was mostly sunny, but still cool in the 50s. In a couple hours, we saw only a couple other people out there--it was amazing to have the whole beach to ourselves!

Sunday morning we packed up and headed out early so we could get back in time for our Huddles Christmas party. We drove halfway, stopped at Bass Pro then ate lunch in Montgomery, then the kids passed out for the rest of the trip.

Our van was LOADED down!

We had a wonderful time on our family vacation to Orange Beach! We are so thankful and grateful that Scott and Brenda invited us to join in on this opportunity! Getting to visit with everyone and also get to let them meet our kids was awesome!
This concludes my series of posts on our beach trip. We made some awesome memories. Orange Beach made it's mark on us. We also left our own mark, of sorts:
Jon, Stacy, Lawson and Jordan
Orange Beach, Alabama

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