Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A beautiful windy day...

I have been keeping kites in the van for a while now, waiting for such a perfect day as this!

This morning I had to go to do my Wednesday papers (only ONE Wed left--Woo-hoo!!!) and after we were done I decided to grab a quick lunch at Wendy's (mostly b/c I wanted a Frosty). Afterwards, we went to our favorite field/grassy area over by the airport.

First we played a rousing game of Simon Says. Then we went across the street to see a cotton field up close (first time for kids). We saw several airplanes take off and land. We also LOVE to make the semi-trucks and dump trucks that pass by blow their loud airhorns!!! The kids clap and squeal every time we get one to honk!

Learning about cotton

We also got out the kites--last time I tried kites it was a Disaster!! Jordan freaked out and started crying b/c the higher up it got, she thought it was flying away b/c she couldn't see the string! She didn't stop crying until the kite was safely on the ground again! This time, though, she did so much better! I got the kites flying and they both held their own! Lawson wanted his shorter, and his even crashed a couple times and he figured out how to get it back up in the air all by himself! It was a fun way to end the morning!
Lawson flying his kite
Jordan flying her kite
Lawson getting his kite to fly after a crash


Jamey said...

Good job! I was thinking about kites just the other day...we don't have any, but definately need to get some. This weather is great to play outside!

Stacy said...

Jamey--If you are gonna get some, look for end-of-season sales! Mine WERE $3, but on clearance for $.99 at Kroger (several weeks ago)!!

Sunny said...

I love the pictures of them flying their kites. They look so small compared to that big field and big sky! What a fun idea!

Alisha said...

Awe! They look so cute in the pictures. I am impressed that Lawson handled his so well. He is growing up so fast!