Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Things I will Miss...And Things I Won't...

There are several things I will miss when I'm no longer throwing papers every morning. There are more things that I will not miss. As I think of them, I may add them. Here are some of them, in no particular order....

Things I will miss...

  • My "thinking" time
  • The weekly paycheck!
  • Listening to talk radio. This has truly become something that I actually look forward to and miss when I get a day off!
  • Seeing my "regulars" There are several people I see EVERY morning--walking, running, riding bikes...I worry about them when I don't see them for several consecutive mornings.
  • Seeing my friends at the Drop.
  • Christmas tips!
  • Seeing awesome full moons and shooting stars
  • My talking time with Jon on Sunday mornings
  • The good feeling of completing a task that I get every morning when I finish

Things I will not miss...

  • Freezing cold fingers
  • Filling up my gas tank every 3rd day--When gas was $4/gallon, we were spending $800/month just to keep gas in MY car!
  • Sunday papers
  • Inserting TV guides
  • Getting complaint calls early in the morning
  • Doing Madison Spirits every Tuesday or Wednesday
  • Trying to stay awake during church and class
  • My van always being dirty. At least I hope this will end! Maybe I only think it's because of the papers!
  • Being exhausted. All the time.


Alisha said...

I am so excited for you. It won't be long until you are down to minutes instead of days!!!

The Bowerman Blog said...

You are amazing! I cannot believe how long you have been doing this. Hope you enjoy your sleep.

jon said...

Thins I will not miss...

Your lamp by your bed being on ALL NIGHT long...