Friday, October 31, 2008

Do we scare you????


2006--Elmo and a Little Pumpkin
2007--Mickey and Minnie

2008--Diego and Dora


Jamey said...

Clever, clever!

I still think the crayons were the best! You've always been very creative! I remember being sad because Avery couldn't stand up yet, and she looked like a broken crayon most of the time.


I loved the crayon costumes! Those were so cute! I feel like Lawson was that little yesterday. Love Jordan's Dora wig. That's halarious!

Alisha said...

My, I can't believe how similar Lawson & Jordan look! When I looked at the first picture I thought that was Jordan dressed in the blue crayon costume until I saw the date and realized she wasn't even born yet!

BTW - Will wouldn't have anything to do with the gunk in the pumpkin. At least we know he gets in honest (from him mom and dad)! Neither one of us liked getting our hands messy as kids.

Sunny said...

I loved looking at the Halloween costumes from the past. The Dora wig is too cute! I'm sure that they had a blast this year!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't see the Mickey/Minnie picture and one other one - they aren't loading. Could you check it? Maybe it's my computer.