Monday, October 20, 2008

The best thing about Autumn...

or one of the best things about Autumn, is the start of a fantastic season of food!!! So many cook- and bake-worthy holidays and events!! Yummy!!

It started here on Friday when I puled out the baking ingredients. The kids weren't feeling great so we didn't go anywhere that morning and I was trying to figure out something to get us from lunch to naptime. I mixed up some dough, and when they got done eating lunch we started making cookies!! Lawson LOVES to help me cook...this is Jordan's first time to really get in on the cooking action...(Yes, I know they're in their jammies...I was too! We just don't get dressed when no one feels well!)

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Sunny said...

I have a list of some "fall" type foods that I am ready to make. Sausage balls, chex mix, rotel dip, soup, soup, and more soup! I can't wait!

Sorry that you guys haven't been feeling well. I hope that everyone is getting better each day!