Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Things I don't want to forget...

*These days, every time Lawson sits down to eat anything that is bite-size he pretends it's the Lord's Supper. They learn about the Lord's Supper in Celebration Station, so we've been talking about it too...takes me back to my childhood!! My friends and I used to play "Lord's Supper" with Smarties. Yellow would be the bread, Purple would be the fruit of the vine, and Green would be for the money!

*The kids love casting fishing poles off the porch! Lawson got his for Christmas last year, and Jordan plays with one of Jon's...Lawson is very good at casting, and Jordan is learning. It's very cute! The latest thing Lawson does is cast the line over a tree branch then pull the little tire at the end of the line up and down--he's pretending it's Charlotte the Spider going up and down on her line. He loves spiders!

*Lately I have been SO tired! When the kids wake up in the morning, I usually get them breakfast and cups then turn on a show. Then I lay down and sleep on the couch for a little longer. Today I slept on the couch for a while and they were up in L's room playing. I went up meaning to play, but laid my head down on Lawson's big stuffed frog and fell back to sleep!!! I woke up a little bit later, and Lawson told me I was a "Bedhead" and I needed to wake up!!! That made me laugh!

*My kids are like little Jackrabbits! They jump on anything, anywhere! They jump off couches, beds, steps, curbs, even the van! Lately Jon has started putting them ON TOP OF the van and letting them jump off to him!!! They LOVE this and cry if they don't get 'their turn'. They jump so far! Jordan hardly ever walks anywhere...She hops and bounds...we can hear her downstairs if she's up in her room...she thumps, ba-dump, ba-dump, ba-dump, across the room! We seriously need to get them a trampoline! :)

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