Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just Like Daddy

Lawson really loves Jon and wants to do everything he does! He loves to play with him or help him do whatever project Jon is working on. Lately, he has been talking about going hunting in the fall, and Lawson has really picked up on that. He's been begging Jon to show him his guns, and last week Jon finally took him back to the spare room and got a couple out. He also showed Lawson his bow, which had way too much tension for Lawson to draw! It was cute, though. I know that growing up hunting together with his own Dad are memories that Jon treasures, and I hope that Lawson and Jon can share some of those same memories. My Dad always hunted too, when I was little. When each of my kids were born, my Dad bought them each their own gun, on their exact birthday. (He never would have bought them guns if he wasn't sure that Jon would teach them gun safety and keep them locked up properly.) I think that's a special story they can carry with them as they grow up and hopefully share in this hobby with Jon.

Drawing the bow--with Daddy's help!
I think the bow's tension weight is more than Lawson's physical weight! He's barely bending the string.
Feb 2005--Granddad gives Lawson the gun bought for him on Dec 14, 2004
October 2008--Lawson wants to see the gun Granddad bought him so Daddy shows him
Learning to look through the scope. Lawson's mouth as he's trying to wink makes me laugh.


Jamey said...

That's good they will be able to share that special time together 'in the woods'.


It's neat that he's getting to be old enough to do those things with Jon. What a sweet picture of him when he was a baby, too. It's neat that you have one from the day he got it and now one of him seeing and holding it for the first time.


Oooohhhh... I just noticed that you changed your links on the side. Look at you!

Alisha said...

Can I just give a shout out that I just noticed your counter is down to under 10 days? Yeah for Stacy!!!

Brooke said...

I just now noticed your newspaper deadline. HILARIOUS!! I can't wait for you!!!