Saturday, October 18, 2008

On Green Mountain

Did you know this place existed? Some friends told us about it a few weeks ago, and we finally made it up for a visit. It's a Nature Trail and Wildlife Preserve on top of Green Mountain. It's clean and well-maintained, with very easy-to-walk marked trails. We went to some yard sales this morning, then grabbed Subway and headed up for some picnic and hiking action.
We hiked about a mile around this 17 acre lake. It was beautiful!! There were so many things to see--A covered bridge, a log house, a chapel. There were also several foot-bridges to cross. We saw geese, fish, spiders/webs, crickets, and many stunning autumn leaves! The kids were fascinated with every little thing...

Our hike was about and hour and fifteen minutes, and each kid only needed about a 10 minute ride on Jon's shoulders towards the end. They did great, and I love that they love to be outside so much. We are so fortunate that there are so many great places in Huntsville to do things for free.
Sitting on the crooked tree...Jon made fun of me b/c this was really the first photo-op I took...First of many...
Daddy is a GREAT spider/spider web finder!!
Turns out Jordan likes to horde acorns!! Thank goodness for pockets!

Did they both look? And smile??? Oh my...These days, that alone is worth blogging!! :)
Rock Climber
Covered Bridge
A couple things about this bridge...Jordan was scared to walk on it b/c the floor slats were far enough apart she could see the water through them. She needed to hold a hand, or she was frozen and wouldn't move.

I was standing next to Lawson while he was looking out one of the windows. He looked down at the water and saw the current flowing under the bridge. He told me, "Look, Mommy, the water is floating this bridge away!" I thought it was so cute, and observant...b/c it really did look like it.

Lawson in the covered bridge...

I love this picture of Jon and Jordan walking hand in hand...
Doesn't it look like he's trying to pull this tree over??
Just kidding...he was just hanging on a crooked tree!!
Lawson found a Daddy Long Legs all by himself and watched it crawl under this bench.

A Log Cabin, built with wood, cut down by the original homesteader, I think, Or something historical like that....
Lawson really loved finding different leaves.
A beautiful Fall day
The Chapel in the woods
The kids threw their collected acorns to the geese...because we didn't have bread, and we didn't want to bring the acorns home!!!
I would SOOO recommend you visit this wonderful place if you are local...It is a great place to walk the trails and see nature! It is at the top of Green Mountain. The main trail is 1.5 miles, but we didn't take take the large loop at the east end of the lake--we only did about a mile. We all had a great day! They also allow fishing for children under 16 on Monday-Friday.


Jamey said...

Looks like lots of fun! What a beautiful day for hiking.


It's so pretty up there! I'm glad you reminded us all of it...we need to take our kids up there soon. I'm glad ya'll had a good Saturday spent together. :)

Sunny said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! Jon talked about it in class today, so it must have been great! Hope that you are feeling well! Missed seeing you this AM.